Become a Certified Work Ready Community

There are two paths to participate in the ACT® Work Ready Communities initiative – State or County approaches.

ACT is planning to host a state level ACT Work Ready Communities Academy in the spring of 2015. Applications are now being accepted from states. For more information on a state approach please contact Debra Lyons at

ACT has closed its applications for the current county level ACT Work Ready Communities Academy scheduled for September 23-24, 2014 in Atlanta. ACT looks to open the process to accept new counties in 2015. If you are interested in learning more about the county level ACT Work Ready Communities Academy, please contact Tony Garife at


Participation in the ACT® Certified Work Ready Communities initiative is by application from state or regional leadership teams. The initiative launched in December 2011; Missouri, Oregon and South Carolina were in the first round of participating states and are making great progress in moving their state initiatives forward. Utah, Wyoming and the Virginia-Dan River Region Collaborative joined Round II in 2012. Michigan, North Carolina and Washington state joined Round III in 2013. Under this state/region model, counties in the state or state-regions participate in ACT Work Ready Communities in a model where the state Work Ready Communities governs the initiative in partnership with ACT.

State Application *


ACT is now offering a county level program for individual counties in non-participating states to apply to participate directly with ACT Work Ready Communities. Counties in an ACT Work Ready Communities participating state will want to engage through their existing state programs. To determine if your state is participating, please visit the website homepage.

A local CWRC leadership team should have representatives from local government, economic development, community/technical colleges, K-12 system, and business/industry. Best practice models have shown a local team comprised of these leaders is most successful in becoming a CWRC county. For more information, please download the ACT Work Ready Communities for Counties flyer.

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  1. Acceptance to ACT's CWRC Academy
  2. Process to build a framework to on board and certify all counties
  3. Common fundamental criteria to establish baseline goals for county certification
  4. Communication tools to help message initiative to key stakeholders
  5. Monthly data updates via this website to track progress against goals

NCRC data for non-participating states is also reported on this website, but without common criteria goals and business engagement data.

This website reports the ACT® National Career Readiness Certificates earned at the county and state level and the progress being made by those participating states and counties in the ACT Certified Work Ready Community initiative. This site only represents data stored in the ACT RegiSTAR™ system, a web-based reporting and management tool for National Career Readiness Certificates.

State and national NCRC data runs from January 2006 through , while county-level data is starting from January 2012. State job profile data runs from January 2007 through , while national job profile data reaches back to 1993. Again, please note that county-level NCRC data collection began in January 2012 for WorkKeys Internet Version, and in July 2012 for pencil and paper assessments. State and national certificate totals include historical data prior to 2012.

WorkKeys® assessments are used across the nation, and many states have built their own Career Readiness Certificates based upon WorkKeys assessment results. You will find an asterisk denoting those states. This website will continue to evolve as the first two rounds of participating states give us feedback on what they would like to see -- and based on your feedback, as well.

Please contact us if you have comments, questions or would like to receive more information.