Employers Supporting

Employers are supporting ACT Work Ready Communities by recognizing superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it or recommending superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate as a measure of foundational workplace skills. By publically supporting ACT Work Ready Communities, these employers are helping their counties build a strong workforce development initiative and attain the ACT Work Ready Communities status. The searchable feature below produces a list of employers sorted by industry, state and size.

Business alphabetically rearrange the order of business names State Date Added rearrange dates from earliest to latest or latest to earliest
Corkey Gourley Insurance Agency, Inc. Oregon July 12, 2012
Emerging Energy Solutions Oregon July 12, 2012
Embassy Suites Oregon July 12, 2012
Elmer's Restaurant Oregon July 12, 2012
Ellison Advertising Oregon July 12, 2012
Elks Lodge 1814 Oregon July 12, 2012
Elite Truck School Oregon July 12, 2012
DW Fritz Automation Oregon July 12, 2012
DLT, LLC Oregon July 12, 2012
Decton Oregon July 12, 2012
Comfort Inn Oregon July 12, 2012
Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion & Polk Counties Oregon July 11, 2012
Bonaventure of Salem Oregon July 11, 2012
Blazer Industries, Inc. Oregon July 11, 2012
Avamere REhabilitation of Salem Oregon July 11, 2012
Ashley Furniture Oregon July 11, 2012
American Easel, LLC Oregon July 11, 2012
Buddeez, Inc. Missouri July 09, 2012
Impact Life Church/Make An Impact Inc. Missouri June 26, 2012
R. Mort Co., Inc. Missouri June 26, 2012
Warten, Fisher, Lee and Brown, LLC Missouri June 14, 2012
Lake of the Ozarks Employment Services, Inc. Missouri June 12, 2012
Health Source of Joplin Missouri May 30, 2012
Rolla National Bio-Polymers, LLC Missouri March 26, 2012
Greater Ozark Equipment and Repair Missouri February 22, 2012
Steele Rubber Products, Inc. North Carolina January 01, 1970