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Employers are supporting ACT Work Ready Communities by recognizing superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it or recommending superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate as a measure of foundational workplace skills. By publically supporting ACT Work Ready Communities, these employers are helping their counties build a strong workforce development initiative and attain the ACT Work Ready Communities status. The searchable feature below produces a list of employers sorted by industry, state and size.

Business alphabetically rearrange the order of business names State Date Added rearrange dates from earliest to latest or latest to earliest
ZZ Shop Missouri October 14, 2014
Zwald Transports Inc., dba Zwald Industrial Services Oregon July 23, 2012
Zuuk International South Carolina July 22, 2015
Zollman's Larry Burd Well Drilling Oregon June 19, 2014
Zoe's Kitchen South Carolina March 04, 2016
Zoë Facility Services Indiana February 11, 2019
ZLRImages LLC Mississippi September 06, 2018
Zippy Shell Illinois March 02, 2015
Zippy Lube South Carolina April 17, 2014 Oregon March 11, 2015
Zipco Contracting Missouri April 06, 2015
Zimmer America Corp South Carolina October 07, 2014
Ziglin Signs Missouri June 18, 2014
Zickel Flooring Missouri October 16, 2017
ZF Transmissions South Carolina October 17, 2012
ZF Chassis Systems Tuscaloosa LLC Alabama January 30, 2019
ZF Chassis Systems LLC Alabama May 04, 2016
ZF Chassis Components LLC North Carolina November 10, 2016
Zeus Inc South Carolina May 18, 2015
Zeus South Carolina May 18, 2015
Zesto Drive In South Missouri June 30, 2014
Zerger & Mauer Missouri July 17, 2018
Zephyr Manufacturing Missouri June 11, 2014
Zepf Center Ohio December 12, 2014
Zeon Chemicals Mississippi Inc Mississippi March 13, 2020
Zenk Auto And Repair Iowa November 19, 2018
Zen-Noh Grain Corporation Louisiana March 23, 2017
Zeltwanger LD South Carolina May 29, 2015
Zeftronics Texas July 13, 2015
Zeeland Truss & Components Michigan September 18, 2014
Zeeland Lumber & Supply Michigan September 18, 2014
Zebulon Chamber of Commerce North Carolina November 13, 2015
ZCS Engineering Inc. Oregon August 10, 2012
zBuyer Missouri July 08, 2016
ZBuyer Missouri June 21, 2016
Zaxbys of Erwin North Carolina March 08, 2018
Zaxbys North Carolina July 14, 2017
Zaxbys North Carolina October 12, 2016
Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings North Carolina January 07, 2020
Zaxby's Tennessee December 26, 2018
Zaxby's Tennessee December 26, 2018
Zaxby's South Carolina July 24, 2015
Zaxby's South Carolina April 27, 2015
Zavation Medical Products LLC Mississippi March 12, 2018
Zapp's Potato Chips Inc Louisiana March 23, 2017
Zales - The Diamond Store Texas March 28, 2017
Zales South Carolina August 13, 2015
Zachary W Light PC Oregon March 10, 2015
Z&R Trucking Ohio March 15, 2021
YWCA of NWO Ohio February 11, 2016

This website reports the ACT® WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates earned at the county and state level and the progress being made by those participating states and counties in the ACT Work Ready Community initiative. This site only represents data stored in the ACT RegiSTAR™ system, a web-based reporting and management tool for ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates.

State and national ACT WorkKeys NCRC data runs from January 2006 through , while county-level data is starting from January 2012. State job profile data runs from January 2007 through , while national job profile data reaches back to 1993. Again, please note that county-level ACT WorkKeys NCRC data collection began in January 2012 for WorkKeys Internet Version, and in July 2012 for pencil and paper assessments. State and national certificate totals include historical data prior to 2012.

WorkKeys® assessments are used across the nation, and many states have built their own Career Readiness Certificates based upon WorkKeys assessment results. You will find an asterisk denoting those states. This website will continue to evolve as the first two rounds of participating states give us feedback on what they would like to see -- and based on your feedback, as well.

Please contact us if you have comments, questions or would like to receive more information.