Employers Supporting

Employers are supporting ACT Work Ready Communities by recognizing superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it or recommending superscript of a grey circle with the letter I in the middle of it the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate as a measure of foundational workplace skills. By publically supporting ACT Work Ready Communities, these employers are helping their counties build a strong workforce development initiative and attain the ACT Work Ready Communities status. The searchable feature below produces a list of employers sorted by industry, state and size.

Business alphabetically rearrange the order of business names State Date Added rearrange dates from earliest to latest or latest to earliest
Fountain Lake School District Arkansas December 02, 2023
Houston County Board of Commissioners Georgia November 29, 2023
Development Authority of Houston County Georgia November 29, 2023
Livingston Associates New York November 29, 2023
Argaman Smith Financial Group New York November 29, 2023
Garage Force of Roc New York November 28, 2023
Middle Georgia Consortium Georgia November 28, 2023
Livingston Associates New York November 28, 2023
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES New York November 28, 2023
Harrison County Health Department Home Health & Hospice Missouri November 28, 2023
Lorain City Schools Ohio November 27, 2023
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service South Carolina November 21, 2023
Adler Pelzer Group Ohio November 16, 2023
LeCruz Club ETT Entreprenurial Mentoring & Tutoring Edifice Nebraska November 09, 2023
Cossatot River School District Arkansas November 08, 2023
United Collection Bureau INC Ohio November 08, 2023
Latino Community Association Oregon November 07, 2023
STERLING Arkansas November 06, 2023
Ouachita River School District Arkansas November 02, 2023
Carroll County Humane Society Tennessee November 02, 2023
online business consulting California October 30, 2023
Kitty Newell Louisiana October 25, 2023
A.O. Hardee & Son Inc. South Carolina October 24, 2023
Eleanor McMain Secondary School Louisiana October 23, 2023
LifeCare Wheel Chair Ohio October 20, 2023
LifeCare Investments Ohio October 20, 2023
See-Thru Window Cleaning Inc. Ohio October 20, 2023
Pack N' GO Movers LLC Texas October 19, 2023
The Margaret Home Inc. New York October 18, 2023
Arkansas Division of Workforce Services (ADWS) Arkansas October 12, 2023
Jason Keith's Welding Fabrication and Metal Sales LLC Arkansas October 03, 2023
Southeast Arkansas College Arkansas October 02, 2023
Scytek Laboratories Inc Utah October 02, 2023
Pearls of Wisdom Psychiatric Services Ohio September 26, 2023
Peach County Board of Commissioners Georgia September 21, 2023
FDZ Concrete Lubbock Texas September 19, 2023
Northern Tioga School District Pennsylvania September 17, 2023
Peach County Schools Georgia September 15, 2023
Drew Smith - State Farm Insurance Agent Georgia September 15, 2023
Cardinal Ridge Enterprises LLC Georgia September 14, 2023
Wade Yoder Storage Buildings etc. Georgia September 14, 2023
BLUE COMPASS RV Georgia September 14, 2023
Swiftly Recruiting and Staffing LLC Missouri September 14, 2023
The Development Authority of Peach County Georgia September 14, 2023
Byron Convention & Visitors Burear Georgia September 14, 2023
Peach Regional Chamber of Commerce Georgia September 14, 2023
T-Town EV Chargers Washington September 11, 2023
Wood Power Sports Arkansas September 08, 2023
CROWLEY TOOL CO. Tennessee September 07, 2023
Beckett Air Inc. Ohio September 06, 2023