OR Employers Supporting NCRC

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Wallowa School District Wallowa March 19, 2015
Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce Wallowa December 2, 2014
Pioneer Guest Home Wallowa July 10, 2014
Training & Employment Consortium - Wallowa Wallowa June 25, 2014
Viridian Management Wallowa June 24, 2014
Farm Supply Distributors Wallowa June 24, 2014
EagleCap Wireless Wallowa June 11, 2014
Community Connection of Wallowa County Wallowa June 11, 2014
Chrisman Development & Management Wallowa July 26, 2012
Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness Wallowa July 23, 2012
Wallowa County Wallowa July 23, 2012

gold star icon Denotes this employers recommends job candidates have a Workkeys Certificate. Other employers recognize when job candidates hold a certificate.