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Job seekers in the US can earn the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate to confirm competence in a specific set of workplace skills that employers need. Does your organization recognize or recommend the NCRC in its hiring process? If so, please complete this form to show your support.

Learn more about how to help your community become Certified Work Ready.

Step 1: Contact Information

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Your contact information — name, title, email address and phone — will only be used for verification purposes. It will not appear on our web site. The employer name and website will appear on the state and/or county pages of the Work Ready Communities web site.

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As a supporting employer you may receive email messages helping you better understand and leverage your support of your county’s engagement in ACT Work Ready Communities.

Step 2: Organization

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Employers may select counties within 100 miles of their location. The employer name will be listed as a supporting employer for each county selected and will help each selected county achieve its employer supporting goals.

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Have you had any WorkKeys Job Profiles done in the past? * Job profiling is the process of analyzing the skills needed for job tasks. Learn More ABout Job Profiling. i
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