Resilient WorkReady Communities

Our mission at ACT is just as important now as we recover together, helping individuals achieve education and workplace success. We know that our 400 plus Work Ready Communities are trailblazers at the local and regional level. WRCs have the opportunity to instill hope from their leadership and collaboration on how to move forward in recovery and resilience. WRCs can set the pace for U.S. recovery in local labor markets.

What You Can Do Right Now

Education and Career Pathway Navigation

Search for jobs in the WorkKeys Occupational Profile Database to determine which skills are needed for jobs, and at what WorkKeys skill level, tasks involved, etc. Use WorkKeys Curriculum to help determine if the candidate has the skills needed or may need to use the curriculum to raise a skill level.

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum

  • Learning Content
  • Placement Quiz
  • Remediation

ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is equipped for virtual service delivery. Pre-tests and practice tests are non-high-stakes, but helpful for measurement for remediation. For information about adult education success with WorkKeys Curriculum go to Ready for Work Podcast Episode 20.

WorkKeys Online Practice Tests

WorkKeys Online Practice Tests are available online for Applied Math, Workplace Documents and Graphic Literature at no cost. Taking WorkKeys Practice Tests helps individuals get a feel for scope of the questions and flow of the tests. Often this helps individuals feel more comfortable when taking the actual assessments.

Additional Resources