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New Hampshire

ACT WorkKeys NCRC Earned

Total: 8,019









Job Profiles Completed 0

Employers Supporting 0

ACT WorkKeys NCRC Data:
01-01-2006 - 01-31-2024

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communities participating

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33015 Rockingham 0.33 0.50 us-nh-015 RO 33013 Merrimack 0.54 0.57 us-nh-013 ME 33003 Carroll 0.55 0.49 us-nh-003 CA 33001 Belknap 0.55 0.47 us-nh-001 BE 33009 Grafton 0.55 0.51 us-nh-009 GR 33005 Cheshire 0.47 0.54 us-nh-005 CH 33007 Coos 0.59 0.62 us-nh-007 CO 33017 Strafford 0.52 0.65 us-nh-017 ST 33019 Sullivan 0.43 0.48 us-nh-019 SU 33011 Hillsborough 0.43 0.55 us-nh-011 HI

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Number Of Monthly ACT WorkKeys NCRC Earned

Aug '23 Sep '23 Oct '23 Nov '23 Dec '23 Jan '24 Aug '23 Sep '23 Oct '23 Nov '23 Dec '23 Jan '24 589 0 0 0 0 0 0



1 4 17 8 0 0



5 2 15 6 2 0



5 2 7 3 2 0



4 5 7 3 3 0

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About New Hampshire Work Ready Communities

ACT Work Ready Communities (WRC) empowers communities and states with process, data and tools deployed in a common workforce development framework to drive economic growth by certifying communities as "work ready" when established goals are attained.

Think of it as a docking station where all participants plug into the common community-level ACT Work Ready Community criteria as part of establishing community goals.

The common criteria are based upon the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT WorkKeys NCRC) and business engagement to create a community-based workforce development process that links, aligns and matches the community's workforce development efforts to the needs of business and industry. The goal is for all participating communities to achieve certified work ready status.

ACT is leading this national effort with a two-session Boot Camp within a 3-month window to help participants share best practices, customize the national implementation framework or their own needs and build career pathways aligned to growth industries.

More on how to engage

0 New Hampshire employers recognize the ACT WorkKeys NCRC in support of New Hampshire communities’ goals

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