City Council Proclamation Recognizes Work Ready Communities November 28, 2022

The Joplin, Missouri City Council presented a proclamation from Mayor Doug Lawson during their November 21st council meeting. Jasper County was first in the nation to become a Work Ready Community and recently renewed its WRC designation.

Guilford County Schools Recruits Teaching Assistants with WorkKeys Options November 17, 2022

Guilford County Schools held a hiring fair Wednesday to recruit teaching assistants to fill gaps from large increases in student enrollment. Applicants needed 48 semester hours of higher education coursework.  The WorkKeys NCRC helps satisfy all but six hours as an alternative qualification.

Build Skills, Confidence, and Career with WorkReady New Hamphsire and WorkKeys NCRC November 16, 2022

WorkReadyNH is a tuition-FREE Professional Development course designed to strengthen the skills that employers are looking for in current employees and job applicants. In as little as three weeks, you will: -- Practice and improve your soft skills in class, including communication, customer service, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. -- Enhance your resume and sharpen your interview skills. -- Hone your essential workplace skills at your own pace through online tutorials in reading and understanding workplace documents, applying math on the job, and interpreting graphs and charts. -- Earn two highly recognized credentials - WorkReadyNH Certificate from the Community College System of NH and the National Career Readiness Certificate from ACT.

Alabama Provides Flexible HS Pathway through WorkKeys November 15, 2022

ACT WorkKeys is one of the credentials authorized by Alabama for high school graduation requirements. The requirements are effective with the 2023-2024 school year and will affect students who graduate in the 2027-2028 school year and later.

Regional Partnership Leverages WRC in Location Marketing November 14, 2022

Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri comprise the MOKAN Partnership and a region with six Work Ready Communities. This best practice example illustrates MOKAN's use of WRC in its economic development marketing efforts. The Autumn 2022 edition of FDI Alliance International magezine includes talent development strategies deployed through MOKAN.

Podcast: National Apprenticeship Week with Success at Roy O'Martin November 12, 2022

2022 marks the 8th annual National Apprenticeship Week and celebrations November 14th through the 20th to showcase the success and value of apprenticeship to rebuild the economy, advance equity, and support under-served communities. On Episode 36 of Ready for Work, we take you to the recent ACT Workforce Summit in New Orleans for a keynote presentation featuring the Woodworks program at Roy O’Martin, a forestry-products leader in Louisiana and Texas. HR pro and Work Ready Communities ambassador, Donna Bailey presented a luncheon keynote on the three components that made Woodworks a success and some of the voices of excellence along the way.  Episode 36 concludes with a quick introduction to the Apprenticeship Ambassador initiative from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Show-Me State Leads USA in WRCs November 02, 2022

Pike County, Missouri, recently earned Work Ready Community (WRC) status, making Missouri the leader in the number of certified work ready communities in the U.S. In 2012, Missouri was selected to be one of the first four states to participate in the CWRC initiative. Jasper County, Missouri, became the first CWRC in the nation in 2013. Missouri now has more than 100 counties that are actively participating in the CWRC initiative.

Medical Caregiver Boot Camp Stacks Credentials at Guam October 28, 2022

The Medical Home Health Aide (Caregiver) boot camp includes four credentials stacked with the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate. 

Completers may also transition into the GCC Allied Health program and earn an Associate of Science or Certificate in Medical Assisting, an Associate of Science in Practical Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Show Notes and Transcript for Episode 37 of Ready for Work October 15, 2022

Show Notes and Transcript for Episode 37 of Ready for Work

Workforce Summit Presentation - ACT and CAEL October 15, 2022

Presentation deck from the 2022 ACT Workforce Summit