Council Bluffs showcases student success April 04, 2022

The Green Hills Education Association in Iowa shared the success of WorkKeys for two students in the Council Bluffs school district. 

I have a Transition Alliance Program student who took the NCRC this semester and he earned a platinum.  Being in a therapeutic environment throughout high school, this young man has been setting his sights at entry level jobs with little opportunity for advancement such as a fast food worker or grocery store clerk.  The platinum score on the NCRC has motivated him to consider careers that require more skills as well as exploring post-secondary educational opportunities. The NCRC has been instrumental in showing him that he can perform academically at a significantly higher level than he has estimated. Because he doesn't have practice with rigorous coursework, he is concerned about taking 12-15 college credits, but trying one or two classes is a possibility.  He is participating in the Reverse Job Fair in May and is including the NCRC on his resume. 

I had a student who took the NCRC before she graduated. She earned a silver rating which qualifies her to be a paraprofessional with CBCSD.  Unfortunately, she moved to Kansas City, Kansas in January and we were exploring Kansas Community Colleges for her to earn an associate's degree to become a para.  However, I recently learned that Kansas recognizes the NCRC as an approved assessment for paraprofessionals and I am assisting her in getting her NCRC certificate number so that she can apply for paraprofessional positions in Kansas. 

Pemiscot County is now a Certified Work Ready Community March 29, 2022

Governor Mike Parson, Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe, Senator Jason Bean, Representative Don Rone, Representative Andrew McDaniel, city and county officials, business leaders and the community at large gathered at an event in Caruthersville, MO, yesterday in which Governor Parson declared Pemiscot County a Certified Work Ready Community.

Ross Collins students recognized for WorkKeys success March 28, 2022

Meridian High School students at Ross Collins Career and Technical Center were recognized Thursday for their success on the ACT Work Keys Assessment, a nationally recognized career readiness certificate. Ross Collins director Rob Smith said the students had a reason to hold their heads high. Their success on the assessment is proof to both future employers and themselves that they are prepared for their future careers. Meridian Community Development Director Craig Hitt said the students’ success would not only benefit them in their careers but would benefit the city as well. One of the biggest draws for industries looking to relocate or expand is an educated, skilled workforce, he said, and the ACT WorkKeys program is part of that. Currently, Hitt said, Meridian is working toward becoming an ACT Work Ready community, and having certified workers is the foundation of that effort.

Podcast: Preparing Workforce Ecosystems for Returning Citizen Success March 22, 2022

Unprecedented skill shortages in labor markets across the U.S. often intersect with a desire for Justice System reform that provides pathways for Returning Citizens to thrive. When optimized in a regional workforce ecosystem, Returning Citizens are a high-performing group of working learners to boost a regional talent pipeline. In a two-part series, ACT's Ready for Work podcast examines a Five P's framework for re-entry success in Episode 32.  Life-Changing Asset and Skill-Based Solutions iAlternative Sentencing for Episode 31 showcases the success drug court approach in Morgan County, AL.

WRC Synergies with Talent Pipeline Management March 21, 2022

WRC Synergies with Talent Pipeline Management from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

WRC Adds Value to North Carolina Economic Development March 13, 2022

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, workforce readiness was the signature challenge facing economic developers across the U.S. If anything, the fast but uneven post-pandemic recovery will bring even greater challenges on the talent availability front.  This new reality illustrates the value of the ACT Work-Ready Communities initiative and the underlying data that Work-Ready Communities provide to prospective employers.  By furnishing business decision-makers with an apples-to-apples comparison across different labor markets that relies on fundamental, measurable workplace skills, ACT Work-Ready Communities is something every local economic development organization should look at adopting in their area.

Christopher Chung, CEO
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Toward an Era of Equity Without Stigma March 09, 2022

In February, hundreds of ACT team members across the organization learned from BMe Community CEO Trabian Shorters about Asset-Framing. This cognitive frame holds that by defining people by their aspirations rather than their challenges, we can prime the public to fix the systemic problems that block the achievement of those aspirations. Here, Shorters expands on his presentation and Q&A session with additional thoughts on how organizations and individuals alike can put this equity-focused framing into practice.

Local WRCs honored with Site Selectors Guild awards March 03, 2022

Congratulations to the local Work Ready Communities in Bourbon County, Kansas, recipient of the Projects with a Purpose award, and the St. Louis, Missouri region, for the award on Community Innovation.

School district hosts state CTE showcase March 03, 2022

State officials, local officials, and business and industry partners gathered Feb. 22 at South East Arkansas Community-Based Education Center (SEACBEC) to celebrate the career and technical educational accomplishments of Warren High School and the district during the CTE event

Juvenile Justice Re-Entry in SW TN with MSSC and ACT March 01, 2022

As featured in Episode 31 of ACT's Ready for Work podcast.