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Job Profiles Completed 127

Employers Supporting 1213

Engaged December 2015

ACT WorkKeys NCRC Data:
01-01-2006 - 06-30-2024

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About Arkansas Work Ready Communities

Known as the Natural State, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) describes its diverse economic mix where global retailers are neighbors to massive data curators. Biotechnologists rub elbows with industrial manufacturers. Alternative energy providers share communities with logistics specialists.

More than half of Arkansas counties participate in Work Ready Communities. The Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District of ten counties became the first Work Ready region in 2022. Mississippi County was first to certify as a WRC in May 2017.

AEDC invests in WorkKeys Job Profilers as a service to new and existing industry. The WorkKeys NCRC is available through Arkansas Workforce Centers along with a network of high schools and community colleges.

Arkansas Higher Education seized the opportunity for use of the WorkKeys NCRC as prior learning assessment for academic credit. Three-credit recommendations provide guidance on technical math and technical writing.

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